Heidrun Bierkämper

The soul of OOTB

Heidrun Bierkämper is the CEO and founder of Out of the Box Mallorca.

Born and raised in Germany, she moved to Mallorca in 2005 after falling in love with the island.

She is a qualified teacher and in constant training. The most important thing… teaching is her passion. She always prioritizes the well-being of her students and loves to see them gaining confidence in their new lernt language. Her students are of all ages and come from a wide range of cultures. She treasures different cultures, as for a long period of time she volunteered to teach the immigrants their new language of residence.

Many of her students take her classes to prepare for a student exchange in the USA, UK, Germany or other English and German speaking countries.

She soon realized that it was a challenge to find a personalized and supportive service to help make such an important decision as sending your children abroad. This is where she decided to get involved.

Out of the Box is designed around the physical and psychological comfort of the students and, of course, their parents during their period of separation.

Heidrun and her team are completely devoted to their students, preparing them thoroughly for their adventures, not only with language skills but also with cultural changes, living and adapting in the home of strangers, who quickly become family.

Students and parents can count on her from the first interview until the day of their happy return.

Work with us

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