Intercambio Escolar

School Exchange

If you’re thinking of giving your studies a boost, school exchanges offer you a total immersion experience.

Intercambio escolar

You have to live a language to learn it and that’s exactly what makes student exchange so special. There is nothing more authentic than immersing yourself in another country, with a new culture, learning a new language, new school, new friends and even family, plus the development of social and interpersonal skills which will serve you for life.

Language skills alone are a great advantage in life and work, but in addition to the improved language, you develop a level of tolerance and independence that you would otherwise not have gained at this stage of your life.
These special experiences shape a young person’s character development and will open many doors academically as well as personally. Not only universities, but also future employers recognise a year abroad as a favourable advantage.

Out of the Box offer many destinations to help fulfill your desired school exchanges. Depending on your interests you can choose a country in Europe where you will learn about culture and history in the most fascinating cities of the old continent. If you dream of doing a school exchange in English we also have amazing destinations like England or America.
No matter which country you choose, we will provide you with all the academic tools you need to achieve your goals.

Making a decision like this requires, above all, confidence. That is why we would like to offer you a personalised consultation, advice and complete assistance.

The Out of the Box team would like to be your contact person from the first greeting and beyond the happy homecoming.

Contact us via the contact form, email or phone +34 650 221 731.

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