Open Enrolment 2022

Academic Year in the U.S.A. in Public or Private School

The United States  is one of the most popular countries to study for an academic year due to the prestige of its educational institutions and the major social activity of its schools. The cultural variety, the quality of the teaching and the friendly and warm treatment of the Americans make it one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to studying abroad.

With Out Of The Box Mallorca you can study a full course of E.S.O or A-Levels in a public or private school.

Depending on your level of English (after a free personal assessment) and your academic record, we will recommend the most suitable program for you.

In addition to the school and accommodation, we guarantee assistance with the accreditation of your studies in Spain on your return.


Next stop: "Erasmus in Munich"...

After four years without studying German, I took up learning again to prepare for the Erasmus in Munich.

I immediately remembered a major part of what I studied in high school, and it has been perfect for me to have the basic knowledge to perfect the language once I arrive in Germany.

Covid 19

1st entry: to be highlighted!!!

The Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on student exchanges. Many parents and their children wonder whether an exchange is possible during these times. Besides the risk of infection, there are other restrictions, e.g. when entering certain countries or entering a school, which have to be observed. Also one of the most important questions for parents is: how the school holds the lessons (digitally or face-to-face). All this and hundreds of other factors are relevant for a period abroad.

Currently, a year abroad is possible during the Pandemic. Of course, as long as borders are open, air connections are reliable and the number of infected people is under control.

Most parents are nervous at the idea of sending their child to an unknown family in an unfamiliar country, and when you add a pandemic to this, these concerns are multiplied by 100.

It is natural to worry if you are going to send a child to an “unknown new normal” without knowing how their own “new normal” will develop.

On the other hand, it is unimaginable for many students and their parents to give up this experience. Either because it is the last year in which an ESO exchange would be academically possible or because the uncertainty of when and if it will get better is simply too strong … giving it up is out of the question.

We can always keep you updated on the latest developments and inform you about the situation in the countries in question, before and during your child’s stay.

SIf you decide to go down this road with us, we will accompany you and inform you so that you know your child is safe and you can rest assured at all times.